SAP BI offering

  • Evolution of SAP BI

    BI is all about what happened. It takes data from various parts of the organization to derive information that provide a single source of truth to the business at the right time to the right people in the right manner.

    We offer a holistic offering that encompasses all facets of Business Intelligence.

    We have a proven track record of delivering BI projects on time under budget and we have a hybrid methodology that is a happy blend of ASAP and AGILE we call ASAPAGILE.

    BI has Evolved from

    1. A data warehouse, to an enterprise data warehouse.
    2. Having only aggregated data, to real time operational data.
    3. Only dealing with structured data, to all sorts of unstructured data.
    4. Only dealing with Bex as a front end tool, to all sorts of front end tool like BOBJ, EPM-Addin etc.
    5. Only running on certain database, to HANA.

    We have been around for all these evolutions, we understand SAP BI and we have an offering that takes into account the SAP road map for the future of BI. We look at your needs and we can advice you what toolset is relevant for you and what your options are.