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Pharma Offering

  • BI Solutions Pharmaceutical Offering

    BI Solutions consulting proposition offers a high value and ROI for our clients. Our Pharmaceutical Offering will help you to:

    • • Speed up the discovery of new drugs
    • • Create more efficient clinical trials
    • • Create more productive manufacturing
    • • Improve management of the supply chain
    • • Reduce costs by making operations more efficient
    • • Manage sale and marketing efforts to better serve customers

    What is going on in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

    In the pharmaceutical industry there is a need for innovation of products and processes due to increasing market complexity and decreasing reimbursements. Patients are be coming more enlightened and are looking for the best treatment options at the lowest cost to them. There is an aging demographic and an increase in the prevalence of chronic illnesses, leading to a more patient centric care model.

    Health care costs have risen to levels that are not sustainable, while reimbursement and margins have fallen to new lows. Research is becoming more collaborative, but because data is still siloed the insight to make innovative decisions is missing. There is increasing regulatory complexity globally, which can make it difficult to simplify the operating model. These challenges present obstacles, but also opportunities. Pharmaceutical companies are looking to innovative technologies and new business models to drive growth.

    SAP Solutions for Life Sciences

    SAP Solutions for Life Sciences assist pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies in managing financial and operational functions. The solutions increase collaboration with suppliers and customers, which allows companies to maximize the quality of drugs, devices, services and processes. Maximizing quality leads to better outcomes for patients.

    Leveraging SAP Solutions for Life Sciences drives growth by:

    • • Innovation
    • • Faster introduction of new drugs to the market
    • • Ensuring compliance and quality throughout the business resulting in a
    • • competitive advantage

    SAP Solutions for Life Sciences, offers support and solutions in the following areas:

    • • Collaborative research and development
    • • Strategic sourcing and procurement
    • • Demand-driven supply networks
    • • Compliant Manufacturing
    • • Multichannel sales, marketing and service