HANA Offering

    • • We implement and configure HANA
    • • We will migrate your existing landscape to HANA
    • • We provide only onsite implementation services for HANA
    • • We provide training to your technical team
    • • We have a rapid deployment kit for HANA
    • • We provide onsite support for HANA implementation post Go-Live

    What is SAP HANA?

    SAP HANA is an in-memory computing platform that allows companies to:

  • • Accelerate business processes
  • • Deliver greater business intelligence
  • • Simplify the IT environment

  • It is available to be deployed on premise, in the cloud or with a hybrid solution. SAP HANA uses in-memory computing to support real time analytics, make data intensive processes run faster and to minimize complexity. SAP HANA will be the foundation for all data requirements for its users, therefore eliminating the need to have legacy systems and siloed data. Analytic and transactional applications run on HANA, and can access data in real time since it is stored in-memory. Businesses can now “run live” while making better and faster business decisions.

    What is in-memory computing?

    In-memory computing is a new technology that combines rapid database transactions with real time data analytics. Instead of relying on a disk storage method it relies on main random access memory for data storage, which results in faster access to the database and the related information.