Why BI Solutions?

  • The reasons:

    We are a company founded on the belief that the customer comes first. We know how hard it is to gain a customer and how easy to lose one.

    We are a company founded by SAP consultants who want to bring value to our customers by providing quality services at commensurate price.

    Remember, if you throw peanuts you get monkeys. There is no substitute for expertise and experience. If you don't have the time to do your implementation over and over and committed to doing it right, then we are your choice.

    We are experts in SAP HANA, BI and EPM space. We don't strive to be everything to everyone. We are a pure play SAP HANA, BI and EPM firm. Majority of our associates have more than 10 years of IT experience backed by solid educational background.

    Our founder Mr. Ganesan has around 20 years of IT experience and is a pioneer in SAP BI and EPM space. He was involved in one of the first SAP BPC Netweaver project world wide.

    Our approach is one of collaboration with our customers. We know that you know more about your business than we do. Your Business, Your Management and Our Expertise is our mantra.

    We are called the mailman of SAP HANA, BI and EPM space. We always deliver. We have never lost a customer we gained and confident we will never lose one because of our commitment to you. We take your faith in choosing us seriously. So let's have fun collaborating. Are you ready?