Disclosure management

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    Achieve a faster, more accurate financial close. SAP disclosure management software will provide you with a flexible, collaborative disclosure process across teams, geographies, systems, and data sources.

    • • It helps in publication of financial and regulatory statements.
    • • It has a workflow feature that helps assign responsibilities and disseminate information.
    • • It helps organizations to publish financial statements in various formats including XBRL.
    • • It helps organizations to comply with IFRS, GAAP, other accounting standards that are country specific.

    Disclosure management helps in reducing the time lag between closing of books and publishing of reports and financial statements to stake holders. Companies currently spend a lot of time on manual activities involved in formatting and commenting etc.

    Disclosure Management provides a very integrated mechanism to publishing the financial statement and notes to external stake holders in the format specified by various regulatory agency.

    The ability of the Disclosure Management software to talk to SAP and Non SAP software is a huge plus. It has capability to setup validation rules and can be automated to notify the right people when errors do happen.

    The Disclosure Management has the ability to generate standardized narratives automatically reflecting changes in company results between periods.

    It has capability to generate XBRL reports and also in turn has capabilities to seamlessly compare results of peer organizations in the industry.