SAP Suite On HANA Offering

  • What is SAP Business Suite on HANA?

    SAP Business Suite is a complete suite of applications that are designed to work together and run businesses better. The core applications in the suite maintain processes for procurement, product development, marketing, sales, service, supply chain management, finance, human resources and IT management.

    SAP Business Suite is now powered by SAP HANA offers businesses new opportunities in an increasingly digital world. The addition of HANA facilitates planning, reporting, execution and analysis based on data available in real time. Decision makers can now see a 360-degree outlook of real time information instantly, across a multitude of devices.

    BI Solutions SAP Business Suite on HANA Offering

    BI Solutions offers an exclusive SAP focus coupled with deep industry experience resulting in an offering you can trust. We have a proven record of implementations and project consulting.

    We will migrate your current landscape to SAP HANA by leveraging our proven methodologies and strategies. With our migration solution, you will enjoy the benefits of running HANA while not having to worry about disruptions in your current business suite.